We’ve channeled 20 years of software experience into creating ROM Infinite - The first truly next-generation product and platform for the recycling business.  

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ROM Infinite is more than just a web site, it delivers a truly next-generation user “application” experience.  The primary user interface is delivered via web browsers (like Chrome, Safari, or Edge) allowing users on any platform (PC, iPad, Android Tablet, etc.) to access a user friendly and very feature-rich system.

Advanced Geo-Fencing
Using either map or satellite view, a user can trace the area that is the customer location. The system now recognizes those GPS co-ordinates as belonging to this Customer \ location and uses that information for things like monitoring when a driver comes on site, bins are moved offsite, etc. 
GPS Location Tracking
Dispatch not only knows where your equipment and drivers are, but it intelligently does things based off their locations. Using the driver’s phone for GPS, ROM Infinite is constantly comparing that information to areas of interest that have been defined, in the system.
Time Awareness
Utilizing Google Maps, run times are calculated and integrated into daily schedules, helping to calculate arrival times, departure times and how far off schedule drivers are from their determined schedules.  


Dispatch is a state-of-the-art tracking system for monitoring your drivers, equipment and customer activity.   


Auto-Save Everything
Everything you enter saves instantly, automatically. Gone are the days of “I made the changes, but forgot to save them.” 
Instant Error Feedback
Badges display instantly to let users know what issues to fix and where to fix them as they arise. 
Powerful Collaboration
Working from the office, home or the road, ROM Infinite helps people work together in more efficient and reliable ways 

ROM Infinite - a hybrid cloud system that works on any device, in any environment, backed by our unrivaled customer support.  With instantaneous communication and updates between drivers and dispatchers, you’ll know everything in real-time. The future is here, now!

The ROM Infinite Platform

Infinite Security
We take the security of your data very seriously. Every step of the way, ROM Infinite handles your data with care  
Enhanced Auditing
ROM Infinite's auditing system tracks every change made by every user in every database to give you complete visibility. 
Modern User Experience
The controls, wording, and even the color scheme provide a pleasant to look at, yet powerful, and expansive user interface. 

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